Henri Bendel Open Call – part 4

Posted on March 31, 2008

     Hey.  Got really busy chatting with my line mates.  The gals on my right
are purse designers.  Awesome- one of a kind hand-painted box purses.  Breathtaking.
They’ve been here twice before in this line so they were letting us know
the scoop about what to expect once we got in there. 

"You get about a minute
& sometimes less."  great, we first-timers think! 

The gals to my left
are first-timers like me.  They are New Yorkers who have been making jewelry
for about 2 years.  They use beautiful vintage filigree findings made or
brass & copper with semi-precious stones.  They are mainly hobbyists
but definitely have potential.  The line is now around the block from 56th
where it begins to all the way around the block down 55th.  There are people
with dress racks- hatboxes- shoeboxes – everything you can think of.  People
passing by on the street have repeatedly come up asking us what we are doing.
People have been pulling out their stuff & showing it to one another.
We have been helping eachother with our presentations.


The glamorous life of a designer! By the way, that HW they’re sitting in front of is the storefront for HARRY WINSTON! Ironic, huh?

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