How the Red Carpet Jewelry Game is Played

Posted on September 27, 2008

Okay….. here’s my last red carpet post for the week:

it; hardly anyone watches the Oscars or the Emmys to see the awards
being doled out (Best Lighting anyone?). No, we mostly watch because we
love to see the pre-show action on the red carpet. While the viewers
tune in for the entertainment value, for many companies, the red carpet
can translate into lots of greenbacks.
celebrity who wears their product, and who gets a close up on E!, an
interview with Joan or a write-up in the papers the following day can
be worth millions to a firm. But just how do these products end up
adorning the necks, arms and ears of the stars – and is it all it’s
cracked up to be? IDEX Magazine Editor-in-Chief Danielle Max talks to three experts about the big name game."

Read full article on IDEX Magazine’s website.

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