It’s Fall Fashion Week and Jewelry Designers Need to Pay Attention to the Trends

Posted on February 12, 2012


On a recent webinar hosted by the Couture show, Michelle Orman of Last Word Communications interviewed Marion Fasel, Jewelry Editor of INSTYLE magazine and asked her advice for jewelry designers.

The most important point was to pay attention to the fashion trends — that rule the fashion magazines — so that you can pitch your jewelry with relevancy. When the clothes of the season have an Art Deco reference you can be sure that I’ll be searching for some Art Deco-inspired jewels, she said.

After the webinar I was talking with a designer who lives far from NYC and has been making great jewelry for 20 years. “I don’t design to trends but I do want to get more press so maybe I’ll try and make some things that fit into some trends,” she msued. “But how the heck do I know what the coming trends are?”

Some jewelry designers are more fashion-focused than others but both can do the easy research.

There are many sources now for seasonal runway reporting and they’re as close to you as your keyboard. You can just google “fashion week coverage” and click around all day. You’ll find great fashion writers, bloggers, celebrities, tv commentary and millions of more pages of fashion gawking. Just surf to get the overall gist of the mood and the buzz words.

You need those buzz words to build your PR pitch to find the items in your line that can relate to current trends.


I suggest reading:

You can peruse these sites to learn the quick trends and buzz words the fashion editors will be talkin about all season long. You don’t necessarily have to design a collection to match but you should tailor your PR pitches towards them if you want to get more press in a given season.











All major newspapers have Fashion Week coverage but turning to the NYTimes is the quickest way to get your fix
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