Jewelers Should Be Efficient With Your Social Networking

Posted on September 16, 2009

  Budget your time wisely — or risk being ruled by the internet, says Starr Hall, author of Get Connected: The Social Networking Toolkit for
Business, available from Entrepreneur Press.

 In a recent article
Hall advises using third party "helper" programs to manage your various
social media sites.  For instance, Tweetdeck helps you tie your Twitter
updates with your Facebook updates. And Facebook has a little
application called Networkedblogs that lets you pull your blog entries
into your Facebook page.

 Since you need to use more than one
social medium — but NOT that many more, please! — these helpers are a
great timesaver. And just to remind folks we advise that a blog, 
Facebook and Twitter are the only ones you need. And of course, you're
sending regular enewsletters via a service like (we're an
agency for them and can help you set it all up) is also essential to
your marketing plan.

That's all you need to be completely plugged in.

Adding Linkedin is ok if you want a professionals only network,
too, and Flickr for photo sharing if that interests you. No more! Don't
confuse the issue; those sites suffice.

 Another time saver Hall suggests is not to "e-mail back or talk to every single person that
responds to your post or that thanks you online for posting
something. The easiest way to stay connected yet not get
overwhelmed is to only respond to conversations where the person is
asking for an answer, further information, or guidance. If they
simply post a thank you, let it be. Another effective way to stay
on task with social networking is to set up a response system. One
or two days a week, set aside 15 to 20 minutes to respond to your
social networking e-mails and posts."

Read the full article here on where the article recently was published.

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