Jewelry Designers Who Blog — Who Does it Well?

Posted on May 9, 2009

I was asked recently to recommend some great blogs by jewelry designers – to show how it can be done in a good, entertaining, useful way.

Thought I'd share my top picks: (by Natasha Wozniak)

Got any others to nominate to my list?

            These just in from readers:

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  1. they are not bad blogs,i already know them and checking them once in a while :)

  2. Yeah good ideas and stuff..a good post.A list of sites always helps.

  3. I really enjoy your blog and find it very informative. Thanks for showing me a talented bunch of bloggers!

  4. Thanks for this list of blogs. A nice variety. You have great info on your site. Glad I found you :)
    I realize it is not your job to review other sites, but since you are on the subject, I would love to hear any constructive criticism of my blog –

  5. Ruth says:

    I have bookmarked this page. I was just looking for good jewelry blogs :-)
    I would actually like to find a blogs that are not only read by people in the industry, but by potential clients – suggestions would be great.

  6. Robyn Hawk says:

    Cindy – I have to agree with Hedda – all of the JCK Blogs are good and each offers a different viewpoint – Rob on diamonds – Jennifer on Style 360 – Cynthia on Trends – Shanu on Jewelry Store Operation…and there is a new marketing blog.
    Also – the Ganoksin series of blogs features industry pioneers and modern jewelers alike…specifically check out Hans Meevis, Sam Patania, James Binion…the list goes on…
    Jeanne Payer’s blog is good and her email teasers always make me look!
    BTW – thanks for the list of new blogs to read!
    Robyn Hawk
    (AKA – A Fly On The Wall)

  7. amy tavern says:

    thanks, cindy! i am so excited that my blog is on your list. it means a lot!
    all the best,

  8. Hedda Schupak says:

    He’s not a designer, but for general knowledge of all that’s going on in the industry, read Rob Bates’s “Cutting Remarks” on JCK, and also Jen Heebner’s Style 360 there often highlights designers who don’t necessarily show in the mainstream of the industry.

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