Jewelry Pliers Improved by Alan Revere of Revere Academy

Posted on November 1, 2008

After two years in development, a newly refined and improved set of
pliers, designed by Alan Revere, is available for goldsmiths and
jewelry makers everywhere.

The result of research, refinement and
redesign, the new pliers incorporate a unique textured grip, which was
designed by Alan.

started with the finest German-made pliers available and added a
totally new grip that increases function and efficiency. These pliers
help get the job done, rather than getting in the way,” says Revere of
his latest design.

A prominent jewelry author and educator, Alan Revere is a German trained
master goldsmith, award winning jewelry designer, and founder of the
Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco, California.

Dissatisfied with pliers currently available through suppliers, a few
years ago Revere wrote an article in MJSA Journal. In it he
suggested that bench jewelers rip the springs and brightly colored
plastics handles off of their pliers for improved control and
performance. These controversial instructions later become tip number
63 in Revere’s book, 101 Bench Tips for Jewelers, published
by MJSA/AJM Press in 2004. Revere argued that both the handles and
springs diminish tactile sensation, reduce kinesthetic feedback and
ultimately lower the function of pliers.

Shortly afterwards, Revere was invited to a small German factory, where
they have been making pliers by hand for generations. In this workshop,
which takes great pride in hand craftsmanship and quality, Revere was
asked to design a set of pliers to meet his ultimate expectations.

Revere’s ultimate pliers are intended for serious jewelers and
bench workers. Revere Pliers come in flat, chain, round and half
round/flat versions.

Revere pliers are available across the United States and around the
world, distributed exclusively through Euro Tool, Inc. Available
individually or as a set with a wooden stand, Revere pliers come with
instructions on use and maintenance, as well as the history of Revere

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