Join Me at the MJSA Designer ConFAB in NYC on Oct. 14th

Posted on September 6, 2012

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should conFab on Sunday October 14th in NYC.

“Confab” is short for “confabulate,” which means to “chat” or “confer.” And at the MJSA conFab, you’ll be able to do all that and more. 
 The folks at MJSA have created a Top Ten list of reasons why you need to mark Oct. 14 as conFab Day.

Personally, I think spending the day with me is reason enough but they did come up with 10 more reasons, too.
10. To hear the laugh of Andrea Hill, rumored to have once made a Buckingham Palace guard grin, interspersed between insights into strategic planning, marketing, branding, and just plain how to run an amazing business.
9. To watch Arthur “Price Point” Skuratowicz and Gary “Profit Margin” Dawson go head to head in our version of “The Price Is Right” game show, and to learn if there really is a better pricing strategy than multiplying the number of letters in a client’s last name by $100. (Hint: You bet there is.)
8. To learn Eugene Brill’s and Gary Dawson’s thoughts on how to make a jammin’ website, as well as hear their priceless collection of Bill Gates’s favorite knock-knock jokes.
7. Because a Ouija board can go only so far in helping you to develop a three-year business plan. Seriously.
6. To hear Andrea Hill laugh some more, as well as describe how you can increase your stock turns and free all of that cash tied up in inventory.
5. To watch Andrea interview Cindy Edelstein and Bree Richey on what it takes to have a successful design firm, and to see whether they’ll tell a knock-knock joke that makes Andrea laugh. (Yes, in addition to being incredibly smart, Andrea likes to laugh a lot, and everyone likes to help her do it.)
4. To learn from Lee Krombholz not only how to cater to those clients who want everything customized and to have it “their way,” but also to hear his picks for the best new indie rock bands. (Lee is an eclectic fellow.)
3. Because you can actually have your own designs or websites critiqued by our experts, who will no doubt offer several ideas for how you can make your great work even greater. (The oohs and ahhs of your fellow conFabbers as they admire your designs are an added bonus.)
2. To actually say to someone, “I’m a conFabber,” and to learn the secret conFabber handshake. What could be cooler?
1. Because, hey, who doesn’t want to make a better living doing what they love?

And the best bonus reason of all? I will be taking private consulting appointments the next day with conFab attendees at my super-duper special event rate of …. $2 a minute. (that’s a 35% discount!)

You can make an appointment for Monday Oct. 15th by sending me an email at
Ready to sign up, or just want to learn more about this conFabulous experience? Click here to visit the MJSA website -you won’t be sorry.

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