Loree Rodkin Looking to Sell — Being Known as Michelle Obama’s Jewelry of Choice Should be Lucrative

Posted on May 2, 2009

The Wall Street Journal reports that Loree Rodkin "has been telling friends that she would be willing to sell her company," Well-connected in Hollywood and rocker circles, she has jetted
to widespread fame as a jewelry designer since becoming Michelle
Obama's go-to jeweler.
Now, Ms. Rodkin is ready to cash in, says the article.

"Recession or no, the dream of selling one's brand lives on in the
luxury business. Investors can offer designers the joys of creativity
without the headaches of operations and can bankroll global expansions.
Louis Vuitton made luggage and ran his company until his death in 1892,
when he passed it on to his son George. But these days, who wants to
labor as an artisan into old age?"

… read the whole article at wsj.com

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