MJSA Expo – the trade show for jewelry makers in NYC

Posted on March 13, 2011
Great panel discussion on getting the most from your sub-contractors.


Peggy Jo Donahue of MJSA led the panel of Joel Weiss of Carrera Casting with designers Calla Gold of Santa Barbara and Malak Atut of Zaiken Jewelry and modelmaker Carlos Zamora.


Great info that all stressed the value of highly detailed communication with drawings and not just words.


Patience and respect are vital, too.


Pricing is not that much different from say 1 or 2 of a kind than 50 or 75. Quantity is less a variable than terms. Pay faster and regularly to get the better service and pricing.


Gain valuable advice and networking via great resources. Industry organizations are invaluable for networks and solutions. They gave a big shout out to WJA as well as MJSA of course.

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