Neiman Marcus adds flash sales

Posted on October 13, 2010

It's all the rage and it seems no one will be left behind in the flash sale phenomenon.

Neiman Marcus has added a flash sale — called Midday Dash — to it's retail mix via eblasts to loyal customers and available for just a few short hours.

Read my recent blog post on the whole phenomenon if you want to see and understand all the players: reports:

In the future, flash sales and email promotions to dedicated shoppers
 will likely become a staple of luxury brands online, because of their
need to make shopping entertaining. Efforts such as Neiman Marcus’ sale
on Friday are an attempt at innovation and a way to generate excitement.

“This is eBay-ing it, if you will, and a lot of brands have adopted
it online,” Mr. Pedraza, CEO of Luxury Institute, New York, said. “Neiman is tapping into it — let’s see it
if will last.

“There is a lot of dynamic [marketing] going on and I think it is a
wonderful test of something that is going on everywhere else,” he said.
“A little late to the party, but its better late than never.

“They are starting to innovate now, retailers are starting to rethink
 everything and this is just one example of trying to reinvent yourself a

read the whole article here.


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  1. Jamie says:

    A lot of changes that will interfere within the next couple of years regarding these luxury brands online…And they’re right; a little late to the party beats not showing up.

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