Platinum Guild International USA Strengthens Operations in New York

Posted on December 29, 2009

Platinum Guild International USA (PGI-USA) announced that it will consolidate bi-coastal operations and transfer key executives to New York in early 2010, in a move to focus operations and personnel in one location.

PGI USA President, Huw Daniel, and Senior Vice President, Jenny Luker will be re-locating to New York in the New Year – as will Manager of Retail Relations, Kristyn Beausoleil and CFO, Roger Quigley.

PGI USA President, Huw Daniel, commented, “By bringing operations into one office, PGI will be better able to serve the growing needs of the platinum jewelry industry."  Daniel noted “platinum is experiencing its lowest premium over gold for many years, making it a great value purchase for the consumer.”

PGI also announced the following staff changes:

Jewelry and Style Expert, Michael O’Connor, consultant for the past six years, will leave PGI but continue to consult on a limited project basis. Michael is focusing on his own business, Style&Substance, which offers designers great opportunties for promotion and celebrity placement. You can reach him at (917) 903-0735 or

Technical Director, Jurgen Maerz, will transition to a consultant position, continuing to focus on providing technical services to PGI in the USA and globally. Jurgen is also available for a wide range of consulting projects and can be reached at (

Account Executive, Gary Depriest and Marketing Coordinator, Thomas Kimura have left the company.

No other PGI executives are affected.

For enquiries please contact Huw Daniel, President, PGI USA at

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