Social Media Matters To Your Jewelry Store

Posted on December 2, 2009

For most of the brief life of the internet there have been three
main ways for consumers to find information about your store online: 
search (organic), search (paid), and ads (e.g.: banners).

Smart retailers have built their websites for organic search, with
lots of html text and keywords peppered throughout.  Many have also
tested the SEM waters with pay-per-click advertising, and others with
online advertising.  All are valuable and should be part of an effort
to attract the increasingly important online audience.  But here’s why
social media is important, says Dave Hamel on his blog, We Play in Traffic.

However, If it’s something you can’t really devote the time or energy to make
successful, don’t spend time or energy at the expense of other efforts
that will likely be more effective for your business. Give yourself a
pass for the moment and come back to it later, he says.

His blog is a great resource for quick tips for retailing online – here’s a recent post I love sharing:Social Media Matters To Your Store.

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