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Will we ever shop full price again? Online flash sales, sample sales, group couponing and more are changing the retail landscape
Posted on September 21, 2010
[warning! this is a LONG post but it contains a ton of info and links] I just have to ask -- does anyone pay full retail anymore? I'm a long time discount hunter; I've stood in line for NYC sample sales, regularly visit TJMaxx/Daffy's/Century 21 and once endured a dozen cab rides around Hong Kong and Kowloon just to visit each Donna Karan factory outlet when I heard there was more than one! But I schlepp no longer, of course, now that I've got an internet connection. First there was searching designer labels on ebay. Then the odd discount code and web-only sales. And then in Nov. 2007 was born. Credited with being the first members-only online sample sale (or Flash Sale) site --- it was modeled after the French site --  within... Read More