Scenes from designLAB at the JA NY Special Delivery trade show for Jewelers
Posted on October 29, 2009
The JA NY Special Delivery show is a unique event -- it's timed for last minute stock for the jewelry retailers. Exhibitors bring specials, deals, overstocks and regular merchandise to entice folks at this time of year. Each year it has gotten stronger and this year there was true crowds on day one. Unfortunately it's not the day I had my camera in hand plus access to the skyboxes over the show floor for a good shot. I got requests for an overview photo so I'm posting it even though it doesn't well represent the buyer attendance.  This was the second show where JA showcased designers in my newly invented trade show concept -- designLAB. A group booth for jewelry designers that gives each a small display space, shared resources and an open layout. Buyers... Read More
Jewelry worn at the 2009 Primetime Emmys – a score card (in progress!)
Posted on September 21, 2009
Not all reports are in but here's what I could find Monday morning after the 2009 Primetime Emmys.Please feel free to add more in the comments area and I'll update the list. Hope I got it all correct; I scoured the 'net this morning using info from and, mostly. The list was later confirmed by a press release for the Platinum Guild which listed 24 stars who wore platinum jewels. Style Expert Michael O'Connor is the platinum star of the Red Carpet.This is the score card thus far ... wish I saw more of my favorite designers but I do understand the hollywood buzz machine. At least we can say that shoulder duster earrings, big cuffs and one large knucklebuster rings were the winners last night. For the "year of the statement... Read More