The Press Preview at the Fragments Showroom Gives Editors a Visual Treat and Access to Amazing Jewels

Posted on September 1, 2012
 The annual Fragments Press Breakfast is always a great event — a lovely breakfast with lovely folks looking at lovely jewels. What a better way to start a day.
Fragments showroom began 28 years ago out of a love for jewelry and a  passion for jewelry designers. Janet Goldman has been finding new designers and bringing them to a very wide roster of boutiques, department stores and other stores. She has been their cheerleader, their mother bear and their friend for nearly 3 decades.
And it’s been our delight to share in her pride and her passion for jewelry.
The Press Event is the chance for the publicity team, led by the fantastic Danielle Gadi (wish I had a photo of her) to show off the dozens of designers to dozens of editors, bloggers and writers of all kinds.
Tips for designers who don’t have the support of a showroom:
1. build a great press list
2. invite editors with a save-the-date email, then an invitation email, then follow up calls to the most important editors
3. host your event for several hours to give them the chance to fit it into their schedule
4. offer to send a car for those that might have trouble getting to you
5. make sure you have a great goody bag to give (you might even mention it on the invitation, to boot)
6. have help on hand so that there’s enough staff for when several editors show up at once
7. offer images to the editors in both high-res (for print) and low-res (for blogs)
8. follow up with everyone that came; thank them for coming and see if they need anything further
9. take photos and use them for your blog and FB page — promote the fun had by all
10. listen to what they liked, pay attention to what they shot with their phones, note the items that didn’t get any attention — this kind of feedback is invaluable for your merchandising. PAY ATTENTION!
Here’s what I saw :

Arm parties are still going strong and lots of the designers at Fragments showcased stackable, combinable bracelets and recommend they be worn in multiples.


The press preview was a lot of fun to see all the great new jewels, other editors and bloggers AND spend some time with super busy Fragments team. I confess to some great chat with Janet who's coming upon her 30th anniversary in business!

















What a dramatic ring ... Wendy Yue's carved antique lava ring is surrounded by twining pave-set gems. I'd like to meet the woman who'd buy this one.

Warm oranges and cool purples are the lynchpin of Colette's latest collection. You can see the dragonflys, wings and other natural inspirations.


Editors spent the morning looking at jewelry and trying it on and taking lots of photos for use sometime later in their stories. That's the purpose of these events -- relaxed editorial planning.

A tray of coral goodness by Fragments designer Wendy Yue. The details are exquisite. It was amazing to see a whole tray of one color -- carvings, gems, whimsical details and all.












These were one of the best sellers this season in Dana Kellin's new fine line -- 14k gold with chocolate and grey diamonds. Very chic.



































Moritz Glik's Diamond Shakers are super fun and he keeps adding new shapes and designs so that the line grows and grows. These are some of hte largest pendants.

Mizuki's icicle earrings are the bomb -- they glint and glimmer and feel weightless on. They come in several gem colors.

Stella Flame's rings are a mix of dark and light silver with touches of gold. These are bold and historically familiar. They make a great daytime or evening fashion statement.

Lorraine DePasque, jewelry journalist par excellence and Janet Goldman got into the modeling act, too. Janet is a fantastic photo stylists besides all her other attributes. I guess it all boils down to having a great eye.

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