Time for Remembering

Posted on September 19, 2008

[This post was written on 9/11 but I was trying the iphone software and somehow it published late. Guess the sentiment is good for any day, though.]

Every year on this day I listen to a long list of names being read aloud. I know only a very few ( as many, many New Yorkers do) and then only tangentially. So this day is not too personal to me – except how it is to every New Yorker and American.

But every year on this day I am compelled to make my own list. A long list of names of those whom I would miss if they were gone. A list of people who have touched my soul (even tangentially or a long time ago) and for whom a smile of gratitude should be spent.

I hope you too make time to honor those names — those lives — for whom you are grateful for in your own life. And not wait until it’s just on a list or eulegy. In fact, why not call a few today?

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