WWD Q&A With David Lipman, Advertising Guru

Posted on June 13, 2009

I think there's a bunch of great ideas in this quick interview with David Lipman.

Read it all online – here are my favorite quotes:

WWD: What role does technology play in marketing?
D.L.: You can’t market or communicate without it. But many people in the fashion world don’t understand how to embrace it
and apply it to everyday life. High-tech mobile devices and the
Internet are a part of our daily lives now. if you can’t communicate and market online yet, you’re missing out.
Those little things that fit in our handbags or pockets are a new
weapon, and that’s where I see the biggest opportunity.

WWD: Who are new players in the market?
RueLaLa, a shopping Web site, has product that sells out at
lightning-bolt speed. Firms like Amazon changed the way we shop for and
wear apparel. Fifteen years ago, where was Google in our lives? Today,
how many times a day do you say, “Go Google this, or Google that.”
There is so much exciting new technology out there that is
mind-boggling. By 2015, we’re going to be in a touch-screen world.

WWD: What consumer trends will develop?
The next thing will be betterment of our lives — better air, better
food, better water….Think about Whole Foods, the hybrid car, the
battery-operated car, solar energy, organic this, organic that….People
want healthier and better lives, to live longer, and that is going to
be the next wave of consumerism, with clean tech and green tech.

How do you see these trends playing out in jewelry?  Leave me a comment…….

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